Setup.rul 380 error while installing Intel Wireless Driver on an Dell Latitude notebook

The error “Setup.rul “380”” Is caused by not having .NET 2.0 or higher installed. This is because the Software that controls the card is trying to be installed with the driver also. But installing only the driver will work as well.

In order to fix this issue without installing .NET 2.0 or higher please follow my directions below. Also remember what the folder name is for the Wireless driver you downloaded. It will be RXXXXX

This is easily fixed another way. Right click “My Computer” then click on “Manage” Then click on “Device Manager” Then right click on your wireless network card. You will then need to click on “Update Driver”. A box will pop up. Click on “No, not this time”. Now click “Next”. Now click on “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)”. Now click on “Don’t search. I will choose the driver to install.” In the list select “Network Adapter” and click next. Now click on “Have Disk”. Now click on “Browse”. On the left side click on “My Computer”. Now go to “C:\Dell\Drivers\RXXXXX\”
NOTE: You may see that it has a lot of folders. Select the folder that’s best for your install of Windows. Then when you do this you will be left with one file to select. Select that file and click ok.

The system will then only install that driver. You won’t get the fancy Dell Wireless software installed with it, so you should use the Microsoft interface to configure your wireless networks.

Author: Bjorn Van Reet