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Bjorn Van Reet was born on July 17, 1977 in Wilrijk, Antwerp (Belgium). Bjorn is  happily together with Grietje Vanderheijden. Together with their four children Wout (10), Daan (9), Lien (7) and Lotte (6) they live together in Hofstade, Zemst.

In his professional life, Bjorn is a manager in ICT. Even during his studies he already started his first IT company called Desonet (Design On the Net). A web development company who was changing the rules of the internet game at that time.
After his studies, he started off his career at a company called Inventive Designers where he tried to realize his international dream. Very quickly he continued his career at the Cronos Group where he had the opportunities to develop himself and grow as a person. Jef De Wit, the owner of the Cronos Group, was also his person mentor. In the following years, he has been working his way up at the Adecco Group.

He started within the Adecco Group Belgium as a System Manager, became ICT Director (CIO) and helped Adecco realizing a big internal reorganization and became VP Client Management for EMEA. Adecco Group Belgium asked him to come back to Belgium to combine the role as Managing Director of Modis & Customer Care and the IT Director role for the group in Belgium. Modis is an IT consultancy company within the group and Customer Care is taking care of call center profiles for his clients.

Currently Bjorn is working as IT Director for the Adecco group in Belgium and is also the executive lead for Digital Innovation with the company.

Bjorn has a passion for leadership & innovation. Everything he does is related to developing people to bring out the best in themselves and others with the fast changing world taking into consideration. This means he also challenges himself constantly. Every year, he tries to stretch his boundaries on a professional level. However, being passionate about your work implies realizing that you are an essential part of this work. If you’re not healthy, then your work is not healthy either. That’s why Bjorn attaches great importance to spending time with his family, playing sports and eating healthy — convinced that you can be a better manager if you’re balanced in life.

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“It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice”

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