Mobile business: the productivity boost our society needs

Imagine, we’re in the year 2035. We’re no longer allowed to drive ourselves around. In order to make the roads safer and faster, we are fully dependent on self-driving cars. There are a lot less accidents, traffic jams and wasted minutes – because we can use our commute more efficiently and productively.

I love to think about a future with self-driving cars. You can read your emails, take business calls or sleep while the autopilot takes care of the road. But self-driving cars have even greater potential and I would like to explore the idea of mobile business with you here.

Endless possibilities

Mobile business? Yes, you could run a business inside a self-driving vehicle. For example, a mobile hairdresser could pick you up from work, cut your hair in a self-driving car and drop you off at home with a new hairstyle.

This would greatly improve our use of time and actually add hours to our day. How often do we complain about our drive to and from the office being wasted time? How hard do we find it to maintain a balance between work, social life and self care? And don’t we often cancel fun events and activities because it would waste too much time to drive all the way to the venue?

No more excuses for not working out when you can take the mobile gym home after work. No more stressing out about having to see your physiotherapist right before leaving on a work trip when he can treat you on the way to the airport. Meetings can be held on the way to the office if you pick everyone up with a mobile meeting room. The possibilities of mobile business are endless and oh so fun to think about.

Advantages of mobile business

Mobile business could change the way we work, live and love. The main advantages, in my opinion, are:

  • We can get a lot of jobs done on our commute from work to home. This means that we no longer have to delay all of these tasks back until the evening and can spend more time with our families or on ourselves.
  • We can hold meetings, presentations and pitches en route. This helps a lot when it comes to making our actual working day more productive.
  • Businesses can explore a whole new customer journey, as they can interact with clients on the road and at different times.
  • It allows businesses to grow and reach a new audience that may not have had the means or time for certain activities in the past.

What about cabs?

What will happen to taxi-drivers and chauffeurs when self-driving cars take over the roads? While a self-driving car can take you from A to B, it can’t tell you where to find the best restaurant or entertain you while you’re exploring a new city. Taxi-drivers and chauffeurs, however, are the kings and queens of the city streets. They could turn this knowledge into new jobs, for example, by becoming personal assistants for travelers.

Technology flies

Easier transport is a big topic, when it comes to technology and innovation, which extends far beyond self-driving cars. The rise of electric cars and far-off ideas, such as Hyperloop and underground highways, are ideas that need to be further explored and invested in. And they will be part of our lives sooner than you think! Time flies – and so does technology …


Love it or hate it? I’d love to discuss this further with you. Send me your most creative ideas for mobile businesses or any other thoughts on the subject via DM on my social channels.