Everything is PUBLIC until you make it PRIVATE

Do you remember the time when going out with your friends should be planned in detail in advance? My friend, I’ll meet you in ’t Hooghuis in Antwerp around 18h00 tomorrow. And when your friend was not showing up on time, you were waiting & waiting, guessing what happend or questioning yourself if you are at the right place at the right time.
Now, you just book a time slot together and we’ll moving into the direction of Antwerp you give each other a call to arrange a place to meet. And when you friend seems to be  late, you just send him or her a text message. Amazing how quick everything goes today, isn’t it? 

In 2014 more than 1,244 million smartphones are shipped. Everybody loves his or her smartphone. It give us a feeling of ‘safety’, right? Try to go out without your smartphone, you’ll feel naked. But safety also has it’s price and are we willig to pay it?

Smartphones shipped Source: Statista website

The Apple iPhone app ‘Find My Friends’ feels for many people uncomfortable. At the other hand is Google using the data of your smartphone to publish traffic information onto Google Maps and we all love that. Did you also saw advertising on Facebook from things you just googled? Or look at all the wearable devices. One of the first was the Nike Air Fuel band. Everybody though it was to measure your steps but in reality Nike studied the walking patterns in cities. And if they know where their customers are walking and when, they can …

I believe it’s time for us to realise now that “Everything is PUBLIC until you make it PRIVATE”?!? Start changing your mindset and open up. In the beginning it feels uncomfortable but that’s like every change feels. Embrace the new world and live you own life, because every second counts and at the end your experience a whole new world with new advantages.

 Now, everything is PUBLIC until you make it PRIVATE