Are you a consumer, a creator or an investor?

Today I was watching a program called ‘De Liefde voor Muziek’ (The Love for Music) on the Belgium television. Completely relaxed and enjoying the creativeness of artists like Kate Ryan, Stan Van Samang, Guy Swinnen, Tom Helsen, … I start realising the beauty of creating this. Would you like to be a creator of something or rather just be a consumer? Or are you in the middle grey zone, earning money every day to consume?

Last week I had a great presentation of a professor called Theo Compernolle and he caught me directly with his opening question. What do you know about your brain? After a few seconds of silence it was clear to me … nothing. Every day we are using our brain but don’t know how to optimise the usage of it. Scary, isn’t it? When using your brain more optimal you can gain around 40% productivity. Just the idea to have 40% more time to create or enjoy would be awesome, right?

A man who I admire is Marc Coucke. What he did with Omega Pharma is just fantastic. He didn’t invent any product himself but only brought products better to the market, isn’t that a great skill. We all should be proud on Belgian companies like Omega Pharma but no, we all focus on the amount of money Coucke received. Now Mark announced to invest some of his fortune into Volta Ventures, a company that’s supporting startup technology companies to avoid them to move to Silicon Valley in the US. We need more people like Mark and investors like Volta Ventures to support creators realising their dreams!!

But back to the original question: would you like to be a creator or a consumer? Would you like to earn money or spent money to pay for other people’s creations? Make your decision and go, follow your dreams. Build them, grow them and don’t forget to enjoy your journey. Good luck!