E-mails during meetings can …

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Researchers from the University of Southern California School of Business questioned 500 employees about the usage of smartphones during formal and informal meetings. Seen the fact that social skills are getting more and more important, the researchers conclude that the use of smartphones during meetings can harm your career.

The research shows that people with higher salaries do not appreciate doing your mails during meetings. The chance that the employee irritates his boss is very likely. Almost 85% even finds answering a phone call or sending a text message is inappropriate during a meeting. More than 1/5 says the use of smartphones is unwanted if other people are around, in any context.

Young people seems to have less issues with it. Generation Y – born during the 80’s and 90’s – find it three times less inappropriate as older colleagues to do emails during the meetings. On top of that men seems to have less issue with it as woman.

However it’s important to make good arrangements at company level. One of my customers even places a big wicker basket at the entrance of all meeting doors with the sign ‘Forbidden for smartphones’. Good idea at your company?

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