Who loves the competition, got banished from our Facebook page!

Marketers already know that not only fans are important on your Facebook page or group but it’s all about the REAL fans. Real fans that are talking about the brand and it’s products. A good Facebook page is one that is supported by fans and good interactions. Burger King in Norway did a radical social […]

E-mails during meetings can …

Researchers from the University of Southern California School of Business questioned 500 employees about the usage of smartphones during formal and informal meetings. Seen the fact that social skills are getting more and more important, the researchers conclude that the use of smartphones during meetings can harm your career. The research shows that people with […]

Overvloed aan sociale media kan burn-out veroorzaken

Twitter en Facebook zorgen er steeds meer voor dat werknemers een burn-out ontwikkelen. Dit komt omdat sociale media dwingend kunnen overkomen. Werknemers worden overspoeld door informatie. Gemiddeld krijgen ze 110 berichten per dag. Vooral dertigplussers dreigen met burn-out geconfronteerd te worden. Voor hen zijn sociale media immers geen vanzelfsprekendheid. Ze proberen alles te volgen en […]